Greater Sudbury Hydro Inc. distributes electricity to over 47,400 customers within the City of Greater Sudbury and the Municipality of West Nipissing. GSH maintains over 1000 kilometres of power line and 30 substations with the latest in computerized technology in order to supply reliable electricity to residential and commercial customers, and ensure our communities have the electrical infrastructure needed to grow and prosper.


By January 2017, you will start receiving your GSU bill on a monthly basis, instead of the current bi-monthly billing. 

Now's a good time to go paperless!

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Call BEFORE You Dig!

Installing a fence? Paving your driveway? Digging anywhere on your property? Then you will need a locate.

A locate will show where any underground hydro lines, as well as other infrastructure like telecommunications, water and gas lines, may be so injury to persons or damage to equipment may be avoided. And locates are FREE during normal business hours!

To request a locate of underground cables on your property contact Ontario One Call at or phone 1-800-400-2255.


The Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP)

In March 2015, the Minister of Energy announced a support program available through the OEB for low-income electricity consumers in Ontario. The Ontario Electricity Support Program, or OESP, offers ongoing on-bill rate assistance for individuals and families who qualify.  

It wasimplemented across Ontario on January 1, 2016, but you need to register! Visit 

If you Move, you MUST REAPPLY for benefits!

If you need assistance to register, please contact the Canadian Red Cross at (705) 674-0737.

The cost of electricity has been a "hot" political topic lately, and rightly so, as costs continue to climb.  Greater Sudbury Hydro controls only the "distribution rate", which is part of the "delivery charge" line of your bill.  The rest of the charges are collected by GSH on behalf of other agencies, but they flow through and do not remain with Greater Sudbury Hydro. For more information on your hydro bill, click here.


Pre-Authorized Payment Option!

Choose between a Variable Payment Plan or Equal Billing Plan...Convenience that suits YOUR lifestyle!

Click here for more info on converting to a Pre-Authorized Payment Plan.


Health Sciences North receives over $277,000 for Energy Conservation Upgrades!

 Health Sciences North has been quietly upgrading energy-thirsty equipment, replacing lights, motors and system controls over the past 2-and-a-half years. Those changes will save HSN over $500k annually on electricity, money that can be redirected to help people who really need help…the patients.  And with the help of Greater Sudbury Hydro’s EnergySavers team, HSN has received over $277k in Save One Energy incentives to help pay for those upgrades.

HSN has participated in both Retrofit and Energy Audit Programs. The Retrofit Program provides incentives of up to 50% of the cost of installing new energy-efficient equipment such as lighting, motors, and compressors. The Energy Audit Program covers up to 50% of the cost of an energy audit to identify opportunities to save energy costs.

“Health Sciences North is a leader in energy efficiency and sets an example for everyone in our community. Energy retrofits are one of the most important actions that a homeowner, business, school or hospital can undertake to reduce their monthly costs,’ said Glen Thibeault, Minister of Energy for Ontario, who was on hand for the cheque presentation. “That’s why Ontario’s government and local hydro utilities have launched new incentives and supports to undertake energy retrofits through the Save on Energy program.  I applaud HSN for putting patients first with these investments, as well as Greater Sudbury Hydro for helping everyone in our city save money by saving energy.”

Cambrian Ford gets Cheque for nearly $15K...for replacing lights!

Cambrian Ford just received a cheque for $14,876 in incentive money from Greater Sudbury Hydro  for participating in saveONenergy business programs! (shown in photo, l to r- Scott McCulloch & Michelle Caza-Joly of Cambrian Ford, Jill Kirwan, GSH Energy Conservation Coordinator)

Cambrian Ford switched all of their parking lot lights and exterior wall packs to LED. That also means Annual Electricity Savings of about $17,600! Our Conservation Coordinators really do help businesses find incentive funding and energy savings!!  

GREENSIZE Your Business with Programs and incentives Just for You! Visit our energysavers Page For More Information!


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