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Huntington University and Northern Life join GSU in the Fight against Fraud!

GSU, Huntington University and Northern Life have agreed to work together on common community interests. The first project is an Anti-Fraud Campaign researched, planned, designed and organized by a keen group of HUCS students. On their own time, the student team collaborated with GSU over several months to create a pamphlet and social media campaign. The social media campaign launches March 11...follow @HUCSCommunity or #fraudchat. The pamphlet will be distributed to over 59,000 people in the Sudbury area on Thursday March 19. This Fight Against Fraud has also been endorsed by the Greater Sudbury Police Service.

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Anti-Fraud Pamphlet (1.3 MB)

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Don't Be a Victim of Fraud!

March is Fraud Prevention Month, but dishonest people try to take advantage year-round. The latest scam to hit our area involves a phone call from someone pretending to be GSU, threatening to disconnect your power if you don't pay over the phone with a pre-paid card in a short period of time.  This is an attempt to rip you off!

GSU and our affiliate Greater Sudbury Hydro never phone with requests or demands such as this.  If your account is overdue, you will receive written notices from us, and finally a physical visit at your door from one of our representatives with identification and details on how you can pay your bill (if you're not home, the info will be left on your door).

If you think someone is trying to scam you, call the number on your utility bill (not the number the caller gives you) and ask about your account's status.  Report all fraud attempts to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre 1-888-495-9501 or your local police department.  And, be sure to spread this information around...tell your family and friends... and Prevent Fraud!


Pre-Authorized Payment Option!

Choose between a Variable Payment Plan or Equal Billing Plan...Convenience that suits YOUR lifestyle!

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Greater Sudbury Hydro Inc. services the needs of over 47,400 customers within the City of Greater Sudbury and the Municipality of West Nipissing. We maintain 30 substations with the latest in computerized technology in order to supply reliable electricity to residential and commercial customers, and ensure our communities have the electrical infrastructure to grow and prosper.

The cost of electricity has been a "hot" political topic lately, and rightly so, as costs continue to climb.  Greater Sudbury Hydro controls only the "distribution rate", which is part of the "delivery charge" line of your bill.  The rest of the charges are collected by GSH on behalf of other agencies, but they flow through and do not remain with Greater Sudbury Hydro.

For more information on your hydro bill, click here.

Our parent company, Greater Sudbury Utilities (GSU), recently released its Shareholder's Report for the Year 2013. To view, click here.